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JD Squared M3P100273 M3B Die Set - 1.315" OD (6.5-90) 1" Pipe

 M3B Die Set - 1.315

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Model No: M3P100273
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  • M3B Die Set - 1.315” OD (6.5-90) 1” Pipe
  • Note: In the product column, the numbers in the parenthesis [ ex: (6.5-180) ] designate the die set's center line radius and maximum normal degree of bend. Therefore (6.5-180) would represent a die set with a center line radius of 6.5" and would be capable of producing a complete 180 degree bend. The "Center Line Radius" is the bend radius as measured from the center rotation point of the die to the middle of the tubing. The 'Minimum Wall Thickness' represents the minimum wall thickness for consistent high quality, wrinkle-free bends. Wall thicknesses less than .083" may require an anti-springback block added to the followbar to help limit springback and prevent wrinkling. (If springback is a great concern to you, you may want to consider the Model 32 Bender, which has built in mechanisms to prevent springback.) All die sets will bend up to .120" wall.
  • Dies rated for 90 degree bends are actually machined to approximately 115 degrees and 180 degree dies are machined to approximately 210-220 degrees.
  • 90 degree bend. Wall Thickness – Schedule 40



  • (1) M3B Die Set - 1.315” OD (6.5-90) 1” Pipe ( M3P100273)